Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Workroom Session #6a: Developing a new sketch

I also worked on a new drawing tonight.  I did not get it colored, but I did get a nice design worked up.  The base is the striped body, with the flare skirt - paired up with a short jacket with elements of classic denim jacket elements, military look, shirred 3/4 length leg-of-mutton sleeves and a shaped hem.  If I were to make this, I'd seek out a commercial pattern for a simple jacket and tweak it to suit.

The preliminary step did not photograph adequately to show.  The base for the figure was drawn VERY lightly, using blocky geometric shapes to frame out the figure.  You'll notice that the figure is, for a fashion drawing, fairly robust.  The garments are for me, so I see little point in sketching them on a super skinny fashion figure.  The next stage was to rough in the figure a little more, getting the pose ready to be used as a base for the clothing.
Stage 1:  Rough figure
Continued behind the cut....

Next, I drew clothes onto the figure right over the original drawing.  The shapes are rough as I worked out the details in my mind.  Large spaces in the garments were cleaned up with an eraser to keep the figure from being distracting.
Stage 2:  Clothes added
Then I went over the whole thing, still in pencil, with a somewhat firmer hand to solidify the details.  More of the underlying pencil was removed with a soft eraser.
Stage 3:  Refined pencil
Finally, I got out my trusty PrismaColor fine liners and traced the picture with the .3mm tip.  I let the ink set for a few moments to be sure it wouldn't smudge, and then erased all of the pencil lines from the page.  I made small corrections to the ink outline.  The final stage would be to color, but this can be very time consuming so I will have to do so at another time.
Stage 4:  Ink line drawing

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