A few of you have asked to see some of my other work.  This page will stand to that purpose, with the best images of finished projects housed here.

I am opting to not post anything pre-design school, and have done very little work between school and present time.  However, I will start you out with a few shots of my favorite project from my classes. 

Victorian Jacket and skirt
I was so busy at Steamcon I didn't manage to get many pictures and forgot to even stop into the photo salon!!!  I have ONE photo taken with an old friend.  It's not the greatest, but it's what I have to show for the first several months of my blog's work.

SteamConII, with my old friend Scotty (his vest is from Lastwear, the kilt from Utilikilts)
Can someone please tell me why my eyes are closed in 4 out of 5 photos taken of me?