Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Workroom Session #6: Something different

I didn't get much done during the long weekend.  Instead, I relaxed and had a nice time.  This has, of course, put me somewhat behind where I'd like to be.  I had not decided for certain what I want to make. I had not done any sketches, I had not moved forward with building the striped corset.  After a little bit of contemplation, I realized that I'd be happier if I had something that could be accomplished relatively quickly and still look great for convention; if I had time left, *then* I could go back and make a third build of the corset with a front-opening busk and a fancy dress.  Anything else can be produced at my leisure and enjoyment once I have something to present at SteamCon.

So, I will be building the ticking-stripe corset.  It will be the focal point of an outfit, paired up with a jacket and skirt made out of lightweight, dark colored denim.  The skirt will simply be a calf length flared skirt; the jacket is looking like it will be a cropped military jacket.  I'll pair this up with a straw gambler and natural leather accessories.  I worked on some sketches tonight.

Art behind the cut.....

I did a few sketches last month, and a few more in the interceding weeks, but nothing new or revolutionary since (despite having said to myself over and over that I would take the time to draw several designs to select from).  Let me show you them:

I apologize for the quality of the images; I've been struggling to get the pictures out of my sketchbook and into the Intertubes, so tonight I took photos of them with my crappy point and shoot camera.  Usually I take half a dozen photos and select the best; I have also corrected these a bit for contrast, as my style of drawings are easily touched up.  The three above, as well as the next one, were done in my large sketchbook in August while I was housesitting for my parents

I did just a few more in a nice little sketchbook given to me for my birthday.  The first of them is three views of a bustle dress that I thought would come out nicely in the purple boucle I've been hoarding.  The first view, from the side, shows a skirt and shirtwaist; the second two views show the same skirt and waist worn with a vest.
I did one more at about the same time, with the ticking-stripe corset in mind; the ink drawing does not show the striping, but you have already seen the colored version before the jump.  The color pencil render is actually a copy of the original, traced off onto translucent marker paper.  It was my intent to marker render, but I wasn't happy with any of my pen colors for the denim look I wanted.
Original line drawing

Colored pencil rendering on marker paper

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