Sunday, September 5, 2010

A break from the workroom

It's a three day weekend.  I'm taking today off, but plan to use my paid holiday to sew quite a bit.

Well... more accurately I'm taking today off from the sewing machine.  I'm going to be ordering myself a pizza for dinner and working on some sketches afterwards.  I am also going to be doing some tidying up around the sewing area and making some layout changes to this here blog.

The problem for the current project is that I don't *actually* know what I'm making!  I know I have seven weeks until Halloween, and that I am approaching construction time on a garment; the garment is still just a mockup, but should be wearable and easily integrated into a Steampunk wardrobe.  That doesn't make an outfit, though.  I have given myself a new deadline - I will make a decision on what I am going to make by the end of the Labor Day holiday. I need to keep it relatively simple, as the time is flying by.  I have used 20% of my workroom hours and haven't even really begun.

My mother mentioned yesterday that the work I've done so far is well beyond what the average home sewer could accomplish.  She's got enough skill herself to make an easy to moderate pattern; she can make a buttonhole, put in a zipper, hem, knows how to operate a home machine, etc.  I also had a comment from a friend on yesterday's late night entry saying "I wish I understood more."  I forget that my audience isn't indoctrinated in the special jargon that comes with sewing.  Where this is intended as documentation for my procedure and not as an educational blog, I don't want you all to be lost.  I simply don't have the time to define every single term along the way, but if you see something that interests you or leaves you particularly perplexed, let me know so I can tell you more!  Comments are a great place to ask questions.

I've already begun to think about what I will do once the SteamCon project is completed for this year.  The obvious answer is "Start on next year's!"  The less obvious answer is to find something in it all to take to market, but another thing I would really LIKE to do is get into more of what I just said this blog isn't - teaching other people about sewing.  You'll stop seeing Workroom Session posts and start seeing posts that are headed up with Sewing 101.  After Steamcon.  Until then, I'll keep showing you all what I'm doing each day as I work.

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