Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bernina 830 Record

I am a terrible, terrible slacker.  Well okay, I'm not, but I've been involved in a bunch of other stuff and haven't worked on a lot of projects.  I've  been a bit scattered and haven't had a lot of focus on making stuff.

Well, now I'm down to the wire to get a project done and I've barely started.  That's the BEST way to get stuff done, right?

I do have some photos from what I got done earlier and will be taking more as I really get rolling.  There is a change in the photo quality mid-stream as my old, cheap camera gave up the ghost; I've replaced it with a new one.  It's nothing fancy, still just a point and shoot type thing, but it means I have no excuse for not working because I can't record what I'm doing.

Before I dive into a big project, I'm finishing up some little ones.  For both my small stuff and the large project ahead, I've set up my home machine.  I'll be needing zigzag stitching in a few places and will be making lots of buttonholes. My machine is old, simple and totally awesome.  I was gifted a Bernina 830 Record when I graduated from WWU in 2001; my aunt had purchased it new in 1977 and rarely used it, so passed it on to accompany the Pfaff Hobbylock 4842 that my parents had bought for me.  Both of these machines are still in great working condition and see regular use, although I've used the industrial for the vast majority of my sewing since I bought it.

This thing came with a jillion feet and a table (which I'm not using right now due to space constraints in my flat).
Bernina 830's are still in high demand; they are reliable, sturdy, and available for a long time so a lot of people had them and learned on them.  There are several on eBay and the local Craigslist right now for a minimum of $400.  I regularly thank my aunt for it, it's been a joy to have and it makes a pretty darned good buttonhole.  It's even better when I've got it's table set up, but I just don't have the room.

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