Saturday, December 3, 2011

Field trip: Stitches Seattle

I really like supporting local business.  There aren't too many indie fabric stores any more; most of us have to buy our yardage at Jo-Ann's and the like.  There are a few places out there, though - Seattle hosts a couple of neat little independent stores, plus a local chain.  I went to visit one of them today.

I was planning on making a Pinkerton from beginning to end today, but was feeling a bit stir-crazy and decided to visit Stitches.  It's the closest fabric store to home; I walked.  It's a little less than a mile from my flat.

Right next to Babeland.
For a small, in-city storefront, they have a pretty well rounded inventory.  The selection of fabric is small, but most of it is very nice quality; not as nice as Nancy's, but a cut above the big chain stores' stuff.  I refrained from buying anything, but I was sorely tempted by a number of things.  They had some awesome quilting-weight cottons, and a small selection of organic cotton and bamboo.  They have a full selection of  notions, some of which you won't find at Jo-Ann's.

There are a few classes, starting with very basic sewing and progressing through more intermediate level projects.  They also have knitting classes; the gal at the counter said their class space is small and the classes are limited to about four people.  I consider that a good thing as teaching craft skills really takes a decent amount of one-on-one attention, which is difficult in larger groups.

If you're near Broadway, stop by.  Shop local, Seattle!


  1. Thank you so much, Miss Lori, for reminding us about this valuable source - right in our own backyard! Haven't been into Stitches, but I like your photo and it looks promising.

    It's so true, we are not like LA where there is a garment district and lots of good choices from which to select fabrics for your next garment. Personally, I shop a lot of the estate sales! I have purchased Pendleton wool at a sale in W. Seattle. I wound up with many yards of high quality wool for about $20 total. I created a bustle outfit which you can see on Facebook here:

    Thanks again and hopefully, I'll bump into you on Cap Hill!

  2. It's very easy to bump into me on Capitol Hill. If you spot a chapette in a black bowler with a red flower in the brim, you've likely sighted me! And if you should be out and at loose ends, you're welcome to stop by my in-home workroom for a cup of tea.

    It's fun to occasionally head out to Pendleton, Oregon and pick up dye lot ends from their outlet store.