Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Steampunk Orange: Laughing Moon California Pants (Part 1)

I've tabled my bustle skirt project for two weeks while I prep up something to take to GearCon.  I leave for the con in just nine days and have a shirt, a vest, and a pair of pants to make for it.

I am using a commercially available pattern for these pants - the Laughing Moon Mercantile California Pants pattern.  Because of this (paired with a need for expediency), I'm not going to take a lot of pictures or go through the step-by step; the goal is to complete the project and offer a fair review of the pattern.  There will definitely be some documentation of the modifications I am making.

The pant is a historically correct pattern, and the pattern comes with separate pieces for four different cuts including a ladies' fit.  That said, I'm not making the womens' pattern because I am a closer fit, measurement-wise, to one of the mens' fits.  The pattern's rather complicated, with 23 separate pieces, including facings and interfacings.  So far I'm pretty impressed with the pattern's quality, and the instructions are pretty good.

That's a big stack of tissue pieces.
Additionally, I will be altering the outseam to turn the plain pant leg into a jodpur.  This will be sewn in white duck and paired up with a shirt with detachable collar and Teasdale from Lastwear, also in white.  Spats, cane, black bowler.  Might we be up to a melanky bit of the old ultra-steampunkery, O my droogs?  Perhaps.

I made a muslin of the pant without going into all the details of the elaborate fly.  The fit is excellent.  The goal is to get the parts all cut out tonight so I can start sewing up tomorrow.

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