Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Interlude: White Bird (Part 2)

Well, I wrapped up the wings tonight.  I should have done them on Sunday, but I got distracted - plus I wanted a little input from an observer.  I invited my mother over to snap pictures and consult on how to finish the edges.

One thing to note here... the scale is maybe a little hard to determine in these pictures.  I'm a big girl, both in dress size and height; it may not be really clear, but the wingspan is about nine feet.  Here they are, before we trimmed the edges:

Red Bull did not give me these wings.

(See them trimmed behind the cut!)

I wanted my mom's feedback on the trim for the edges.  We wound up deciding on a pretty simple scalloped edge, with a few longer "pinion" feathers at the tips of the wings to add a bit of flutter.  The tail also got a simple scalloped treatment.

Wings that work (for childrens' theater, at least!)

Back view
Yes, I know I'm making a stupid face.
Overall, the whole thing took about a days' time.  The raw materials were dirt cheap, and the results were just what I envisioned.  The only thing I might do differently if I were to do them again is set the arm openings a little closer together.

I really enjoyed making these.  I drew a sketch but no pattern, and so making them was a little bit more relaxed and free form.  Felt doesn't require hemming, so it was almost a matter of sculpting the shape I wanted out of the fabric.  (Conversely, you - my readers - didn't seem to care much for the project, with the blog post stats being much lower than most posts!)

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  1. Love it, Lori... projects, pics, and all...