Sunday, October 30, 2011

New space

I've just moved to a new apartment and my goal was to have my workspace set up and ready to work by the first of November.  I'm on target for that, with just a little bit of work left to do.

I know y'all are dying to see the new place.  Here you go:

There is enough space to walk around the cutting table.  It's a little close there in the back corner, but c'est la vie.
More behind the cut....
The fabric stash, and the machine tables.

The Mercury, along with some additional storage.  Those empty spots will house art supplies once I dig them out of the rest of my belongings.

My dress form, right at the entry where she can give everybody a friendly, headless greeting.

The only spillover from the workroom - one shelf full of books wound up in  the living room.
This place is extremely well lit, so I don't need to try to fit in the can lamps.  The whole place has high ceilings (notwithstanding all the pipes) and picture railing, and good natural lighting during daylight hours.

There is still a touch of work to do, but nothing that will stop me from working.  There are some drafting tools that need a home (they will be hung on the wall behind the dress form) and some art to be put up.  Now if only the rest of the house was so well settled....

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