Saturday, July 9, 2011

Art for next project

I've chosen a Turkish theme for SteamCon costumes this upcoming year.  I have a couple of starter sketches, but am not totally satisfied with the designs.  My goal is to have the designs finalized by the 15th of July; given that the female design took me about three hours and has not  been colored, that's a tall order.  I can do it!

Want to see my sketches?  (behind the  cut!)

There's a second sketch penciled for both the male and female figures, with an outer garment for each - Brendan has purchased a black Fallen Men's Corset from Xcentricities corsets and this costume is designed to work with or without it.  My own garment will be done in silver, dark rose, and either teal or navy to coordinate with both the my own Xcentricities-made underbust corset and the cute mini-fez I picked up today.

I got to experiment with my new scanner/printer/copier a bit to get these posted.  That was money well spent!  The images took some tweaking, but it's very nice to not have to photograph my art and hope my old point and shoot will capture a decent image.

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