Sunday, August 29, 2010

Workroom Session 3: Making a mockup

I worked for several hours today on my corset.  The first portion of the task was to transfer the pattern to fabric, which would then be cut out and sewn.  For a regular garment, muslin is the norm; however, I opted to use unbleached cotton drill (similar to duck cloth, but with a twill weave) as a finished corset is generally a fairly sturdy garment.

I started out by laying the pieces out on the doubled fabric to get an idea of how much I would need; I cut that section of fabric off of my stock and pressed out the wrinkles.
The pattern pieces laid out on canvas drill

Center back
Pieces with seam allowance added
Then I traced the pieces using a regular old #2 pencil.  I then had to add seam allowances with a grid ruler and curve, since my graded pattern did not have allowances.  Since I predicted a need for additional length, I added a full inch at the top and the bottom.  I used half inch seam allowances on the seams, and included a 2" allowance at the center back, with 1" representing the opening between the lacing.

I then had to flip over each cut piece and copy out the pattern markings onto the other side, so that I would have a fully marked right and left side.

Left and right pieces

Completed, I finally had a whole garment to be stitched!  At last, actual sewing to be done.  Actually stitching the seams together on the Mercury took about 20 minutes, including futzing about with the machine.

Since I've been having serious difficulty getting my photos into this post, I am going to split it to make it a little less picture-heavy.

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