Saturday, August 14, 2010

Splitting off

I'm starting some new projects, so I thought it wise to move to a distinct, new blog.  And nothing personal against the lovely people at LJ, but I'm looking to move to a more... ahem... up to date and intuitive blog site.

I have just a few posts in my last journal that are pertinent, so I will paraphrase them for you now:

Recently several of my friends and I have decided we want to go to SteamCon, and make stuff for it.  I am already equipped with some decent costuming skills, so we are planning to sew some Victorianesque garb and have a great time in the doing.  In preparation for this, I managed to purchase an industrial sewing machine for a very good price. It is now up and running in my living room, and today I will be starting the process of fitting myself for a corset.

Self-fitting is tough, but I do hope that my background in fashion design and sewing will see me through.  Expect pictures of the process.

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